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perplexus maze ball...question

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I bought one of these from Amazon at the recommendation of a friend of mine. But after it came and I started to play with it, I was finding myself becoming a little annoyed that I couldn't keep that little ball on the path..so I began to wonder if my son would like it (I bought it for his 8th birthday)...


SO....if you own one of these...what has been your experience with it??

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Guest submarines

My 10 and 6 year olds don't care for them at all. Luckily they had a chance to try them at a friend's house. They got bored within 3 minutes or so.


I expected my 10 yo not to be interested in it, but I was surprised DS didn't get into it. I thought he was exactly the type of kid who'd love something like this.

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People who have used it in my household have been heard talking to it.


Yeah, I would say that it's more than a casual toy - it's a toy that sucks you in until you conquer it.


We've had ours since June 26th and I'm the only one who has finished it. I love it but drives me nuts but I can't stop picking it up several times a day. :) I can't imagine buying the harder one! LOL

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well, my fear was put to rest this morning....my son opened his gifts this morning after breakfast and he has hardly put the ball down...and when he does, his older siblings fight over who gets it next. I just hope the excitement lasts longer than 24 hours. The other 2 have already put the Epic one on their birthday lists.

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