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I think I finally found a "curriculum" for a preschool


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that won;t overwhelm me. Just a few short lessons a day without a whole bunch of planning and simple enough for me to tell an older kid (10yrs old) to do with him. Also it doesnt assume you just have that one child to work with.





I am sure I could have come up with this myself...but who wants to reinvent the wheel and come up with ideas for each and everyday when you have lessons to teach to older ones.

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For the flowering baby curriculum...the owner will you email you more samples if you ask for it. I see the word "paint" or anything with food and my eyes start to turn backwards!! I need something I can give to my 10yrs old and 8yrs old and say read and do this and don;t bug me while I am "aas"ing (spelling program not a bad word) your sibling.


This curriculum is actually mentioned in the rainbow resource catalog. I was surprised to find it there because they don;t usually recommend any early learning materials.


Here is what she sent me:

"We sell a lot of our program to families where the child has an issue to work with, as minor as OCD all the way to autism. Of course for that we would usually suggest a lower level. Anyhow, the program is written to cover all of the developmental areas a child needs using fun hands on activities, books, music and movement. My mom has almost 50 years working with children from birth through kindergarten so although we don't really go deep into the theory behind each activity I assure you it is all in there. I am a CPA by trade (so just a tad anal and OCD) and that is why when I wrote it, even for myself, I organized it so that it was clear and easy to follow what I needed and what we were doing. There is a list at the beginning of any supplies you will use frequently and then each month there is a list of specific supplies and books you will need. Also, if you don't have a book I have listed on say bugs, then just select one you have or enjoy from the library. Our program is flexible and we want you to spend time with your child, not looking for a specific book. Also, if we have under math to count to 10 but your child can only go to 3 then push to 5, if he can go to 15 then push for 20. What we suggest is really more of a benchmark for that age child and to help remind you to do something on that subject each day.


I only have one child, but he is full throttle and I am not patient so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t spending time each day getting stuff together, reading lists, etc. I just want to get to it. In doing the conventions we have had many families purchase it with the intent of having an older child follow the program and be the one responsible for working with the toddler while mom can get some time working with the one learning to read, or feed the baby, or do a load of laundry... This works out so well from what we have heard, families tell us they enjoy the older child learning to be responsible for something so important and that they learn something new being the 'teacher' and the child learns they can learn from someone besides mom, what a great bonding experience.


I'm glad you have enjoyed the sample I sent. On the CD for age 3-4 most months have 14-15 days of activities on the monthly program and then the themes have 4-5 days per theme. This way you can get it all done and if you finish up and have a few extra days you can just repeat something he likes, or maybe something he needs a little more work on. Our goal was that the products and books are typical/common childhood items, nothing crazy expensive or hard to find.


You can just purchase the CD's at our website http://www.floweringbaby.com and I'll mail them out to you priority the next day. I hope that answers you questions, if not just let me know.

Thank you, have a wonderful weekend,




I am thinking of ordering the complete set as I am expecting another and then if my son isn;t in the 3yrs old stage I can move him up and down accordingly. Then when I am all done with it I will give it as a baby shower gift to someone planning to homeschool. Oh I like that I can also supplement with any book about a topic rather be stuck with that book they recommend and all the discussion be around that book.

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I just started using it last week. Extremely pleased with it so far. Flowering Baby does remind me a bit of Slow and Steady Get Me Ready, but greatly expanded. I wish I'd bought it sooner. Hopefully in a month we'll both be enjoying it as much as we are now.

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