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Question for Classical Conversation Folks

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Hey guys!


This coming fall we being our first year in Classical Conversations (1st grade Foundations). I'm sitting here trying to work out our homeschooling schedule for the semester/year (ie. what we're going to study in every subject each week).


Here's my question: what do you guys do in the weeks that you're off from CC? Do you fit ALL of your homeschooling into the 24 weeks, or do you extend the reading and math portions all throughout the year? Do you take all of December off to celebrate religious holidays? Do you fit in non-CC curriculum or activities/unit studies in those off weeks?


Thanks so much for your help!



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We play catch up during the off weeks for my older dd, but my boys who were 1st and 2nd graders last year just kept on with their work until the end of the semester. We have taken off the whole month of Dec., but my dd is older now, so we will only take a couple of weeks off this year. We are starting in Ausgust this year so we can still end in May as normal for us.

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All curriculum is extended throughout the year as there is no way to finish it in 24 weeks especially when devoting one full day to CC each during that 24 week period. (I have one in essentials and another in challenge. We don't have a half day.) I generally have some time off in December but not more than a week. I'm sure you could work out more time if that's what is needed.

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We spend December doing light school (math in particular) and lots of Christmas reading and activities. (Plus we review our memory work and give it a chance to sink in.)


I don't center our studies around CC, so lessons continue as usual even when we aren't in class. In fact, sometimes we get more done when CC is over because we have an extra day and fewer CC-related things to do during the week.

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