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Literary Lessons from LOTR in addition to history and LA?

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Next year, dd2 will do History and Language Arts at home, and will be taking AP Biology, AP Stats, Spanish 3, and Band at ps. We're doing the 4 year history cycle, so will be doing Medieval History next year. I don't have the reading list and details worked out yet, but will be using Teaching Company videos and some Kolbe study guides. She's been doing the MCT LA books, and would like to continue with those.


I really want to do Literary Lessons from LOTR, and thought the Medieval year would be a good time to add it in. Would that be way too much? She's going to be busy with her ps classes and I don't want to overload her, but if we don't do it now, I don't think we'll ever get to it.


If you've done LLfLOTR, is that all you do for LA, or do you combine it with other stuff? Any suggestions?

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Would you utilize only the select readings that are in the LLofLOTR guide or would you assign complete books where appropriate so that your daughter's reading list includes more than the LLofLOTR books?

We would be doing complete books, although I hadn't decided which ones.

I just found this post by Lori D. and I think my question is answered. :)



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High school English includes literature and writing/composition every year, with grammar as necessary. It's usually titled "English," not "language arts," with one credit given for the complete course.


LOTR would not be enough literature for a complete course; there should be a variety of genres (e.g., novel, short story, poetry, plays).

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