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Need help picking a phonics program


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My oldest went to K and didn't learn to read. I tried a million and one things and somehow, her reading just took off at 7.5. By 9, she was reading 1" thick books in a day and now at 10, often reads more than that.


My 2nd child, at 5, I taught him the sounds of the letters and a few blends and then he pretty much taught himself to read.


Now my 3rd child, I've tried quite a bit. She's 6.5. Perhaps she's like her older sister and will just take off soon. But I'm looking for something to stick with. I like Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading. But, as if reversing b and d and p and q wasn't enough, they've used a font that maked t an upside down f and an upper case I is the same as lower case l. Not helpful for little ones just learning to read. It confuses my DD everytime. Also, I don't like how they teach ending blends. Instead of 'mp' for example, I'd rather it teach 'amp', 'emp', 'imp', 'omp', 'ump'. Though I appreciate how it thoroughly works through everything needed to be a strong reader. I know we aren't missing anything.


Worksheets would be good. Readers would be awesome! It also can't be too time consuming as I've got 5 kids.


Any ideas?

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I taught my little boy to read last year using Word Mastery (http://donpotter.net/PDF/Word%20Mastery%20-%20Typed.pdf), it's a free download, no frills, cut & dry guide to teaching phonics.


Then I found the Writing Road to Reading (http://www.spalding.org/). It is based on phonograms (letters/groups of letters making up one sound). It's an AIO, maybe too comprehensive for what you're looking for, but you can use the phonics separately, maybe 20 minutes a day. It offers the phonogram cards, readers, etc.

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I have been researching phonics cause I am trying to teach my oldest to read.


I just started Phonics Road (PR). Its expensive and involves time to watch the DVDs, so its probably not the best for your situation. I am a new to homeschooling, didn't learn phonics, so Barbara Beers is teaching me. I am also reading WRTR cause I need a solid foundation. :)


These programs (see below) look interesting to me, but I can't comment on them because I haven't used them. You probably already know about them since you have been homeschooling awhile and tried alot already.


- IEW PAL - This looks really FUN and has gotten some good reviews. Its teaches the phonograms over time and suggests following up with AAS. There are fun games to play. Its open and go program, but I don't know about time consuming. It might be time consuming up front getting the games ready, but then maybe easy to use.


- TATRAS - http://verticalphonics.com/ This isn't expensive and looks simple to teach. I read some good reviews on this. Here is one




- Phonics Pathways - http://www.dorbooks.com/ This is at my local library. I think alot of people have used this.


This was very helpful to me to understand the different phonic programs and their methods. There is alot of information!



I hope this is somewhat helpful. You been homeschooling alot longer than me but this is just what I found while researching phonic programs. Good luck!

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