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Question about using the for sale board

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Could someone please enlighten a long time lurker? How fast do things typical move or sell? (I know, pricing is everything) And if you pm someone asking if something is still available, what's a reasonable response time? I saw something from June 20 or so that I'd like to buy.


If I decide to sell some things, is accepting paypal the easiest way for most people to pay?


Thank you!

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If an item is a month old, there is a good chance that the owner has sold it (unless it's me who just puts everything back on the shelf to deal with later!).


But it sure doesn't hurt to ask. If they haven't responded to your PM they probably just didn't notice it. Have you tried commenting on the for sale post? That might get their attention.


As for selling, Paypal is the most convenient way for both buyer and seller. There is also a certain amount of security with Paypal that you don't get with other methods.


You can also post your need in the "wanted" side of the forum. Lots of people look there before posting their sale items.

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It never hurts to ask if something is still available. If you don't hear from them in 2 days, you may not hear from them at all. I once had someone ask me about an item I had posted the year before. I thought that was a bit odd. :)


I haven't sold materials in years. When I did, hot items usually went fast if they were priced well. In other words, if they were priced to move fast they usually did sell. But I remember some time back some people commenting that things weren't selling the way they used to sell. The conjecture was that the economy might be keeping people from buying as much as they used to. Maybe people are more conservative in their purchases.


But hopefully someone who actually sells materials right now can answer that question better than I can.

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The "good stuff" I had listed sold pretty quickly. But I have some lingering stuff that is down to $.50 and it is still not moving. I think it has to do with how much shipping costs :( If you want a $.50 book it will cost you about $3 with shipping :( It's not worth it unless you need several books from one person.

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