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Hurlburt/Eglin Groups?

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Anyone in that area of Florida and can point me to some HS groups/activities?


We're moving there soon - should be in the next 2 months. We're no longer active duty but my dh is a civilian and we're being transferred to Hurlburt. We're having a tough time selling our house here (Cannon AFB) so I think we're going to rent in FL; probably in the Fort Walton Beach or Mary Esther area.


I don't mind a little driving though. We've lived out in the middle of nowhere for the last 3 years and we're all accustomed to driving a few hours just to go shopping. So an hour away or whatever wouldn't faze us much.


I do have access to the base & dh does deploy even though he's a civilian so a military group would be nice. Honestly ANY group would be nice since we've never had a group to join! (that middle of nowhere thing again).


Oh my kids are 8 & almost 5 going into 3rd grade & kindy.

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