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A non homeschool friends wants. . .


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a curriculum on reading comprehension.


a curriculum on grammar.


Her boy is going into the sixth grade. She has never read aloud and her son doesn't enjoy reading. Apparently he's getting poor marks on comprehension.


Any ideas? And thank you!



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What about the Complete Book of Reading? I have the 3rd-4th one and I'm really thinking about using it this year, it covers some phonics also. I believe there is a 5th-6th grade one for reading and a grammar one too. They're on amazon, not very expensive and aren't to time consuming.

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Easy Grammar a grade or so lower so maybe 5th grade or even 4th.


Evan-Moor daily reading or Reading comp. They have fiction or Non fiction, ones geared towards history and ones geared towards science.


I'd also gently suggest she start reading to her son or better yet with him. Picking a book like Harry Potter or another series. She reads a few pages, he reads a few out loud TO HER and then they TALK about what they've read together.

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Actually, many students who seem to have a comprehension problem actually have a subtle decoding problem. I have had a few students reading at or slightly below grade level whose comprehension went up when they worked on nonsense words and multi-syllable phonics skills.


My article "Why Johnny Doesn't Like to Read" explains how sight words can cause a dislike of reading.


I would have her give him the MWIA level II and the NRRF Reading Grade Level Test. If he misses more than 1 word on either of the MWIA lists or reads the Phonetic portion more than 15% slower than the Holistic portion, some nonsense words and multi-syllabic phonics should help.


I had two 5th graders who were like this--both reading at grade level. They improved to 8th grade level reading skills after remediation and they had no further problems with comprehension.

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The book Reading Rescue 1-2-3 is a great guide for the parent to get an idea of what is going "wrong." Remedia Publications offers good materials for actual practice reading. Try here for more resources:




This site offers workbooks to review grammar:



There's a short explanation of the concept and then practice exercises. If he is struggling, she could start with a lower grade level. Try both the "Grammar" and the "Practice" workbooks.

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