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Almost out of a job here, and up until about an hour ago I was ecstatic about it...

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This is going to sound so stupid, especially since I do not consider myself sentimental or emotional AT.ALL. Like really, never. :D


But I just cleaned out our school books. 6 boxes of stuff to sell, 4 big boxes of stuff to give away to friends.


Basically, it's over.


My girls are almost totally interest led (within certain parameters) at this point, and are each will be taking several outside classes next year and choosing/designing their own content for the others. They literally do not need me to teach anything.


We will do Literature, Theology and maybe a grammar intensive here at home. DD15 will do math for the first half of the year with me and then move to a tutor. This seemed so positive.


But that's it. 3 more years, and no more homeschooling, no more kids at home.


I actually teared up when posting the first for sale post. (And I HATED that book. :glare:)


I laughed when I read the empty nest post this week because it seemed so exciting to think about all the adventures my kids will have when they are gone. I will only be 47, just finishing a master's degree (hopefully) and beginning a new time in my life.


All of the sudden though, I miss it all, and it isn't even over yet...


Somebody tell me it's just whacked hormones or something. I need this stuff out of my house! :tongue_smilie:



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