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It's Friday- of course my child is sick

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So, 6yo said his throat hurt this morning and then started running a low grade fever. Has been 100* ish all day. Never above 101*


He also says he's very tired but we have had a LOT of late nights all week long- I'm talking like midnight, 11pm, 10pm, etc. :o Lots of family and stuff going on. Nobody else has been sick so I guess he's picked something up while we were out and wasn't able to fight it off because of lack of sleep.


He's not been very active all day (or eating much) but nothing alarming. It's also extremely hot. Nobody has been terribly active or eating much. :lol:


Only complaint is his throat hurts. Of course it's late now and doc is long closed.


Could this be strep? Just a regular cold? I don't want to wait forever in an afterhours clinic only to be told it's just a virus or cold.


How do I know if it's something more serious? He's definitely not himself but I probably could convince him to go out to his favorite park, so he's not *that* sick... although I don't know if he'd play or do much, kwim?


Oh, and what are your favorite remedies for sore throats?

I've done Oscillococcinum (didn't do much, if anything), Umcka cold care, echinesea tincture, EmergenC, other vitamin C, and vitamin D. Anything else you can think of? I can't give Sambucol as it gives him heartburn.


He's drinking lots of water & not showing signs of dehydration. I've not given medication for the fever since it's not that high and he's not complaining that it is bothering him. (he typically does complain about his head hurting when he has a fever but hasn't mentioned it today & I haven't asked ;))

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My dc like lemon and honey if they have sore throats/colds. Fresh lemon juice (maximum Vit C content) and Manuka honey (antibacterial) if you have any; that seems to have the best effect round here.


Hope your ds feels better really soon!

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We like to rub Vicks on the outside of the throat and cover with a handkerchief, and gargle with salt water. I'm fine with giving Tylenol or Ibru to reduce any swelling.

Our sore throats are usually the first sign of nasal stuff, which comes the next day. We rarely have strep.


I'd say rest, fluids, and the above things, and see how he feels Monday. Poor thing. :grouphug:

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