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Providing childcare in my home....

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For a friend. What would be a reasonable price to expect her to pay? The child is four years old and is currently in a regular daycare center, where she is very unhappy. Right now, friend is paying $30.00 for one child. Until school starts in August, I will also have her older brother (6 yo) and then after school begins, I will pick him up from school and have him at my home until 6pm.


So, price for little girl, who will be here at least 10 hours a day? And price for brother, who is here full time until school and then after school for about 3.5 hours?

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I am getting $20 a day and feeding her lunch and snack this coming year. That is what the mom found was normal for daycare for her age in her area, so that is what she is giving me. I could probably ask for more, but I am ok with that. I don't keep her 10 hrs though, more like 8.

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I charge $25 per day per child which works out to $500/month for the fulltime child that I have for 11 hours a day. In the case of family friends I may charge $40 per day for both as a discount. Once school is in, I would keep the little one at the daily rate but charge hourly for the school aged child or charge a flat monthly rate of like $250 which would cover afterschool, early dismissal and non-school days. Count on about 60 hours with the schoolaged child per month not including christmas or easter breaks, so if the 250 was broken down to an hourly rate it would be just over $4/hour

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