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I need help.


(Did I mention I love this board? Should I have put that first? :D)


My daughter wants to audition for a local theater's performance of Oliver Twist. Because of her age, the only part open to her is as part of the workhouse orphans, which I think will actually be a perfect first part if she gets it. But she needs to sing a song for her audition, and I have no idea what she should sing. She's 6. She's an okay singer, you know, for a 6 year old. Pretty typical. :tongue_smilie:Certainly not going to win any contests, but not as bad as nails on chalkboard either. Any song suggestions??

Any other helpful comments would be greatly welcomed also. I've never done anything like this myself, so I have no idea how to help her! What should she wear? Will she just go up on stage and sing a song and walk off? What else should we expect?

Did I mention I'm a complete introvert with no desire to perform or really even interact with other people. How did I end up with this child? :svengo::lol:


(And on that note.... DD would apparently really, really, REALLY love for her mother to join her in this venture. Is there a part in this play that would be in the background? Like... a shopkeeper that just stands there and says nothing? How would I audition for that? :D)

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Because she is only 6 a simple audition song will be fine. It could be something like Happy Birthday or a couple verses of Twinkle Twinkle. It should be something she knows and can sing without music. They want to know if she can project and if she can walk in a room and sing a song in front of strangers. They will teach her do do the rest.


My son was just in Oliver this past spring, lol. He was a workhouse kid and one of Fagin's boys. Tonight he has his opening night in Oklahoma. He is playing the challenging role of "Boy" :lol:

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Dress her in something cute and comfortable. She will need to be able dance/move a little in what she is wearing, or you will need a change of clothes. Any nursery rhyme or lullaby would work for her age. Don't try to teach her a new song.



For you, there is always the ensemble. You would sing, but not alone. Just list ensemble in your audition form when you sign in. Sing something you know. If you wanted the lead, you would need something in thebstyle of the show, but anything will do really. Avoid POP and rock songs. A church hymn would be fine for Oliver. You will need piano music for the accompanist play.

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If you don't want to be onstage maybe you could be a stagehand, or lighting tech. As long as you are there "doing" it with her, she'll probably be happy.


I help with costuming. My kids love that I do that. Other parents do things like help paint sets, are "stage parents" (wrangling the little ones backstage), or usher. There are lots and lots of things you can do without having to actually go on stage. And I'm starting to think the backstage crew has more fun, anyway.

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My daughter is in local children's theater and LOVES it. Two things she would advise:


1. Pick a song your daughter already knows WELL.

2. Most 6 year olds have plenty of built-in energy, but the director/audition judges like to see children with lots of "energy."


Have her practice singing with a sparkle in her eye and a smile on her face!

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