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The struggling Reader by Eckenwiler....anyone use this?

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I have been trying to find someone who has used this program before without any luck. Has anyone here used it? I saw it at our conference this year and spoke with the author. It seems great, but it's a big investment, so I'm weary of spending all that money for something that might not work or be effective.


I would greatly appreciate any input!!!



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We use this and LOVE it. The games are very fun and easy to implement. There are several that would work better in a bigger group, but most can be modified. I have also made up several of my own games in the same style based on my individual kids. I really cannot say enough great things about it. It is a big investment, but worth every.single.penny IMHO.


I have not yet used the tests. I probably should since I paid for them. They are so nice to find any holes in the child's knowledge, but I am not sure that I would buy them again since I haven't used them. If you can find her at a conference, she runs an excellent special there.


Their website is down right now (I contacted them via FB and they said that they are having trouble), so you can place orders or ask questions at this number: 252-281-1823.


If you have any specific questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

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I have a few of the components and do like what I have. I think I have the PADI test, and the sight words and fluency program. I really like Kristen and believe they know what they are talking about. I couldn't afford everything, and I think I bought what I do have a year apart.

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