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X/post to Share - NARHS Not Accredited Anymore

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Just thought I would share some info. I just got off the phone with NARHS thinking I was ready to register with them. They informed me that they are no longer accredited with the Private School Association. They are still a state-of-Maine recognized school.


They have a new program called Customized Education Design that is accredited. It's weird though because the diploma still comes from YOUR homeschool and they just accredit it. Also way more expensive.


Sharing this info because their website still has old info on it. They said this happened in January.

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Steve has retired, so based on that I'm assuming that he had the credentials necessary for the accreditation (such as degrees). Their site mentioned new addresses, website coming, changes, etc. The timing of it all is the basis of my assumption.


If they lost the PSA accreditation, I'm not sure what organization is accrediting their Customized Education Design. Why would an organization accredit that and not the old method? If it is just NARHS accrediting a homeschool diploma, it really isn't the same as accreditation. It is just NARHS putting their name on the transcript. It's basically NARHS as it was, with no accreditation, at a higher price.


It will be interesting to view the new website. At this point, I'm just making assumptions based on timing, my experience with accreditation agencies, and what was shared.

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