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A little bit of shameless bragging.

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Okay, maybe a LOT...


My current fave pic of my precious dgs - I just love his little hillbilly teeth! ;-p




Another cutie pic of him in grass for the first time (in Hawaii he gets plenty of beach time, but he's never really been in grass).




And me, after about 6 weeks of no sugar (I was sending my girls a pic of my outfit - I normally don't take these types of photos of myself).



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I will admit to being proud of myself for being the smallest I've been since HS. I can't believe what a difference the sugar thing has made! I've never been really overweight, but I have always lingered around 125 at 5'3. Now I'm around 110 and not really having to watch what I eat as long as I lay off the sugar. I've bumped my fruit intake up a bit, and I AM eating an occasional sandwich on wheat (just makes it easier to find something if I get in a bind).


Now, as far as the cute grandson, I can't really take any credit for that, so I'll just have to agree that he's adorable!! :tongue_smilie: I can't wait to get them back here so I can hug on that little booger every day!

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I have never really considered myself to be inspirational!


I read a cheap book I got on my Kindle, called 30 Sugar Free Days. It probably isn't the best one out there, but I mainly needed lists of what to eat, and what NOT to eat (I knew a lot of it, but really didn't know which fruits/veggies to avoid). What I liked about his book is that he really doesn't push heavy meats or dairy, and that tied in nicely with my having been vegan. I have, of course, incorporated SOME meat, and am working my way toward eliminating that while making sure I am getting enough nutrients and calories.


I love the way I feel without grains, and, though I've eaten a few sandwiches over the last month, I really want to work hard to be gluten-free all the time.


What I now need is a gluten-free, sugar-free vegan cookbook! Man, talk about a dull life! :tongue_smilie:

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What I now need is a gluten-free, sugar-free vegan cookbook! Man, talk about a dull life! :tongue_smilie:


I just went out to my library's site to see if I could get the 30 Sugar Free Days book you mentioned and I saw a book called Dr. Gott's NoFlour NoSugar cookbook. I have no idea if it's any good though!

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He has the most beautiful eyes!!! He's cute elsewhere too, but his eyes just struck me in the 1st picture!


And you are one GORGEOUS gramma! By the time I'm a gramma, I'll be rocking and knitting on the front porch. But I started LATE.

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Breakfast is usually one of the following:


Smoothie - either 1/2 c unsweetened almond milk, 1/2 c plain Greek yogurt, 1 c blueberries and flax meal OR 1 c unsweetened almond milk, strawberries and blueberries, flax meal, spinach leaves and coconut oil. You could do any type of green smoothie really - just limit your fruits to berries to keep sugar down. I also eat a handful of raw nuts with my smoothie.


Scrambled eggs topped with homemade salsa and avocado slices.


Scrambled eggs done omelet-style with veggies (mushroom, green onion, peppers)


Also, I'll occasionally do a crustless quiche with veggies, and maybe a lean sausage or something and have it prepped to bake in the morning. This is especially awesome when I'm gonna have guests.


Granny Smith apple with almond or cashew butter.


Anyway, that's usually what I pick from for breakfast.


Lunch options


Salad (I have gotten REAL creative with salads, doing berries, nuts, veggies, etc. - I usually use spinach leaves instead of lettuce, or I mix lettuce, spinach and kale)


Celery sticks with tuna (I buy the Skipjack from WF and add a little veganaise, some purple onion, pepper and a dash of garlic powder)


Celery sticks with hummus and other raw veggies.


Celery sticks with nut butter.


"Pizza" that I'm making with this "crust" made from chickpea flour. I just sauté a bunch of veggies/mushrooms and put some form of tomato (fresh or canned) in with the veggies, then pile it on the "crust" and eat.


Stir-fry with similar veggies and maybe diced chicken.


Any breakfast item if I didn't have it for breakfast that day.




Supper foods


Various lean meats or lean meat dishes


Beans (a super quick and easy favorite is a can of pintos drained with a can of mild ro-tel heated in a pot with a handful of fresh cilantro - serve in a bowl with half an avocado sliced on top - I LOVE this)


Tacos (I will splurge on a fresh corn tortilla as long as I fill it with LOTS of protein and fresh fixins - keeps that bit of starch from going to sugar so fast. In addition, Mexican is my favorite food group :tongue_smilie: so it's something that really makes me happy.)


Salads - SO many ways to do salads


Grilled or steamed veggies (as a side, but I eat lots of veg, not so much meat)


Fish filets sautéed with purple onion, red bellpepper and Portobello mushrooms




Soups (I have a great tomato one that has chickpeas blended in)


Quinoa Edamame salad (which I love to make and have leftover for lunch)


I also try and keep boiled eggs on hand at all times for a quick, satisfying snack, or quick breakfast with a handful of nuts if I need to get out the door! Another thing I do is keep packets of Justin's nut butters in my car and if I know I'm gonna be on the roads, I'll grab an apple or some celery so I know I can have that for a snack.


For drinks I do lime "flavored" Perrier for my fun drink, lots of water, and unsweetened tea.


Whew! There's more, but this may give you some ideas to get started!

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