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Kids all gone for the day. Wandering Aimlessly.

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For the first time in many years, twice this week I am without anybody home for the day. DD#1 Full time internship, DD#2 Physics Camp, DS at a library program for the day. It is such a weird feeling! I know there are things I should do... could do... but I haven't operated in this plane for so long that it's a little disconcerting.


Moms of grads.... tell me you eventually got some equilibrium back!

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I know exactly what you mean. Youngest hasn't graduated yet, but when I've had the occasional day with nothing immediate that had to be done yesterday, I too aimlessly wander. It is very strange. Here I have been for years with tons of things I want to do and then when I have an opportunity to do them, I wander and can't settle. No wonder we throw ourselves into homeschool planning or onto the board whenever we have a spare minute.


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