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The Common Core Standards

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Common core standards are reflective of the NCLB Act. It basically is uber-education "speak" for educators in public schools to follow guidelines in each academic subject. Prior to CC, there were district and state guidelines to follow which differed due to each district taking a different form of a standardized test. Now that NCLB is forcing everyone to comply and get scores up... the states are now enforcing CC. Making everyone teach the same, basically.


I honestly do not think it will affect homeschooling. As a former educator, it means nothing to what you teach your child in the privacy of your home. However, you are welcome to follow CC, but I find it to be bothersome as in the govt telling us what to do.

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Most states' homeschool laws do not require homeschoolers to comply with state guidelines for public schools. Most states where hsers are the equivalent of private schools don't require private schools to comply with those guidelines, either.


IOW, it shouldn't affect hsers very much if at all.

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