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Getting paid as an activist?

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Right, but my understanding is most lobbyists have prior experience. Without the grunt level experience, it's hard to get a better paying job.


Eta, and most people don't go into activism to get rich. They do it because they believe in a particular cause, you know? Does he have a particular passion?

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My ds spent the last presidental election season working for a group that registered voters. He went door-to-door with a daily quota for months. It inspired him. He gradually came to believe that a single person could make a difference. He is studying International Relations in college and is interning at the US Embassy in Tokyo. He started with a goal to make a difference and after a few years has learned how he can make that his life's work and career. The inspiration set him on his path and discovering how to achieve his goal has been an important process. He has grown along with his dream to be somebody who could make a difference.


With that background, what kind of activist does your ds want to be? Why does he want to be an activist? There are many groups that hire people to do activist type work, but they typically select from people who are interested in their cause.

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This might not be the type of experience you're looking for, but maybe it will be of interest.


I come into contact with activists pretty frequently as I go about my daily life, either people knocking on my door to talk to me, or as I go to appointments in the city.


In all cases the activists are uninformed about their cause, can't answer basic questions, and are rude if I don't want to sign their form/give them money. I'm trying to think of one that wasn't. I don't start off antagonistic toward them. Most often, I try to smile and say I'm too busy to talk - which is generally the truth.


Last night someone from PIRG (which is the top result of the link above) came to my door. She wanted me to sign a "statement of agreement" about the farm bill but couldn't tell me what that meant, other than to "show [my] neighbors that I agree" with their position. Like my neighbors care what I think about that? ;) She became rude when I said I had no reason to sign her statement, but still asked me to give a donation!


I felt badly for her, truly. She was obviously not getting any support in my neighborhood - I live in the middle of a long block, in the middle of the neighborhood, and she had no signatures.


Anyway, I can't think of a positive interaction I've had with an activist. Of course I don't imply that all activists are rude and uninformed, and certainly not that your son would be like that himself. Just my experience. Based on this, I wouldn't encourage my kids in that direction.


I hope you get more positive responses like the one above, than negative ones like mine!

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If he had his choice, he would most likely rule the world by force--but all for their own good. ;)


Right now his focus is on health/food safety.


I'm just exploring options for this kid. Activism is something that I think he would be good at because he's willing to fight to the death for something he believes in. Perhaps public education would be something he would be good at as well. I also know nothing about that.


He's struggling to figure out what he wants to do. Not the end of the world, but a bit of a concern as a sophmore.

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