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Learning Ally book recommendations?


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What have you gotten that has been especially good (especially for a 4th and up level) on Learning Ally? I am particularly wanting things that are well read and can be learned well from an audio reading (any subject, but perhaps especially history, science, literature) so that we can get something out of them, and then trudge through other things and deal with things that do not lend themselves to audio (art, geography, etc.) at our slower read aloud pace.

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I live in a rural area with no high speed internet easily accessible, so getting things is a much harder job than it might be for someone in a situation where they just press a few buttons and ... voila, there is is.


I have gotten things in the past that were very well read, and others that were not at all well read, and am hoping to narrow in on the well read ones.


Did you get a bunch of the Greatbooks selections as done on Learning Ally and find all of them to be well done? If not, which did you find especially well read?


By not well read, I include things like having many many words mispronounced, or even a few words mispronounced, but those being key to the subject--such that I'd be concerned that it is misleading--I cannot think of an example at the moment, but it has definitely come up. Or sometimes readers change so often that it is hard to get into the flow of the book. Another problem has been confusing "Reader's Note" asides. I try to get the actual book, so that it can be followed and pictures actually seen, so the Reader's Notes are not as critical to understanding as for someone who is totally blind--but we have trouble with ds (and even me sometimes) getting confused if things are too broken up and patchy, and sometimes the Reader's Notes can be that way.

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Hmmm. Maybe I misunderstood what you meant. Maybe you meant ask about familiarity with a particular book(s).


Okay, here are some possible things I'd like if they are well done. Anyone used Learning Ally's:


History of US by Hakim and found it good, if so, what edition?


Any Greek or Nordic myths, by Padraic Collum or other authors? Or a child's version of The Aeneid? If so exactly which?

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