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Just bought from the meat truck

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Yep. We did. :D


This is the second time--the first was probably 6 years ago, and the meat was really good.


I think I got a better deal this time. His line was that it was the end of the day, and he had these "extra" boxes left over. He was offering to sell them to us for 50% off, which would be around $175. I hemmed & hawed a bit and said that was too much for us. He said to make him an offer. I said $100. He almost winced at that. He asked if I could meet him halfway. I said I couldn't. Then he said his cost was $120 and he could give it to us for that, since he'd get a bonus if he sold them all. I hemmed & hawed and said I couldn't do it. He asked if I could go halfway--$110. I said no. I was planning to not get it at all, and it was evident in my voice & body language. So he came down to $100. :tongue_smilie:

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Good deal!


That gives me a flashback to the first year I was married. I bought one of those packages from the meat guy when we were kind of strapped for cash. It was our first marital disagreement:tongue_smilie:, but dh said it was totally worth it when we had our first dinner from the meat. We had been living off of ramen and some chicken until then. I still remember those T-bones as the best I have ever eaten!

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My dh bought some too. But he was at a clients house when he did, so I couldn't laugh at him at time of purchase. I think we spent 100.00 too. It wasn't bad, the bacon wrapped filet was really good. I checked the company out online quite thoroughly before I'd eat any.


I liked it when he brought home fresh shrimp straight from the boat much better.

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