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Real estate/office lease question

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We're in the middle of negotiating a lease on a new office/retail space. How would you interpret this quote from the building owner


Base monthly rent for 1,600 squares feet shall be:

Year 1: .$.85/sf - $3,400 + NNN


I get the per square foot cost and understand the NNN refers to triple net which is a separate cost listed later in the lease but can't figure out what the heck they mean by -$3,400...any ideas? They are gone for the day and this is driving me nuts:glare:

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The more I look at it the less it makes sense:confused:


I thought about the twice 1600 but couldn't figure out what it meant and even if I could it wouldn't explain the next two lines:


Year 2-3: $.95/sf - $3,800 + NNN

Year 4-5: $1.05/sf - $4,200 + NNN


There should be rules against faxing something confusing to a potential client and immediately leaving for the day so you're not available to answer questions.

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