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Would anyone like to draft a letter?

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Once again, my superintendent has referenced "approving" my homeschool affidavit. This is notnand has never been in her power to do. But I've been sick this week and haven't had the focus to write a good letter.


What do you need to send him a letter for? Just follow state policies and call it good. I know things vary by state, so I'm not understanding what's happening. If he needs something from you, just write, "I have fulfilled what is required of me by the state law with no further action legally needed. Thank you."

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I've just ignored it for about 3 years. I've never NOT been approved, I'm just sick of being told I am approved. The thing is, the only purpose the language serves is to imply a greater amount of authority than she has, and to intimidate people into providing more "just in case." And it's wrong.

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