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Anyone study foreign language in place of grammar?


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I really know what I want in all subjects. . . except grammar. :001_unsure:


When my oldest got to 1st grade level, I decided against early grammar for her (though I haven't ruled it out for the next dc). I had my eye on doing MCT in a year or two.


Recently, we decided to try our hand at Latin, and as I was looking at Memoria Press' Latin programs, I saw that they specficially indicate that they are to be taught instead of traditional grammar. I got to thinking about it, and I realized that all the grammar I know is from my Spanish studies and not from English grammar (though I am a product of public school, fwiw).


So I was wondering if anyone out there studies Latin or another language for the purpose of replacing their English grammar studies? How successful have you found that approach?

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I am planning on using the MP Latin sequence instead of grammar. I am going to do Analytical Grammar later on to make sure they know what they need to know. I can't speak from experience since I haven't done it yet though! I can tell you that I am teaching myself Latin right now and have learned A LOT of English grammar in the process!

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You know, this is what I needed to hear. I had a fabulous English teacher in 8th grade who taught the basics of English grammar so I speak and write correctly 95% of the time.


But most of my "complex" grammar knowledge comes from my years studying French. It beefed up my vocabulary too. Plus, when you are learning a different language the grammar is in context, it is being used to decipher stuff. I think the grammar of your native language is so automatic that it is actually pretty abstract for little kids.


My mother had tried to teach me grammar in 3rd grade using Winston Grammar. I still remember crying while trying to make sense of that evil curriculum.


I guess what I'm saying is, as I plan for my 3rd grader, I think I will not use a formal grammar curriculum. We did FLL last year and hardly anything stuck. It wasn't miserable, just kinda meh.


Just because they are in the grammar stage doesn't mean I have to be "doing grammar".

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We do grammar informally (e.g., Madlibs & a "sentence machine" game I made up) and in context (correcting their speech & writing), and then I had DS do an intensive 4 week summer course in grammar with Lukeion before starting Athenaze Greek. DD will continue to get it in context, as well as in Lively Latin, then I'll have her do the same Lukeion course before starting Wheelock's. I don't think it's necessary to study formal grammar as a separate subject for years and years; IME it works just as well for kids to learn it in context, with an intensive review before diving into upper level foreign language. (This was my own experience as well; I never studied formal grammar, except through foreign language, and I worked for many years as a writer & editor.)



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