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Please help me decide what to use

Allison TX

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I don't know if it is pregnancy brain or just that time of year, but I cannot decide what to use this fall. :confused:


My 4th grader will use HOD Preparing. That was a fairly easy decision.


My other two will be 7th & 8th. I can't decide between:

HOD Missions to Marvels (new modern guide) & Notgrass America the Beautiful, with several Tiner books & biographies for science.


& I also can't decide between

WWS 1 or another IEW theme book.


We have used HOD for years, and I really thought I wanted a break from it. It sounded so nice to pick and choose my own books, but it has been a lot more work than I anticipated.


I have a baby due at the end of August, and I really wanted to get started on school in the next week or two, so we would have a few weeks done before baby arrives, but it doesn't look promising.:glare:


I have ATB sitting here and my oldest son really likes it. He keeps picking it up to read different excerpts. THe reading seems a bit easier than what we have been doing with HOD.I just feel overwhelmed with planning everything. And I'm worried my science choice is lacking. (I was worried about using Apologia Physical, since we just used EE Physical)


HOD is sounding so nice right now, but it won't ship until mid September. That would be a really late start for us! Although it may be nice to have to take a mini break after baby arrives. And now that oldest likes ATB so much, I'm afraid he will be disappointed with the HOD choices.


Thanks so much if you've read this far. Okay, what would you do if you were in my shoes? I am all ears....:bigear:

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