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Statistics in 12th grade?

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Everyone seems to do PreCalc in 12th.


I've got a Stat. book on my shelf and feel much more comfortable teaching Statistics than PreCalc.


My 12th grade son will probably do a math dual enrollment in the spring. He is finishing Algebra 2 now.


What does the Hive Mind think of a semester of Statistics for "math beyond Algebra 2?"

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For me, the answer depends entirely on his goals. If he is going to major in anything that requires calculus at college, I would make every effort to get precalculus in, even if he has to repeat it at college. Otherwise he would lose too much time due to delayed math sequence.

If, OTOH, he is sure that his major will not involve any calculus, statistics is a very useful option. I would just make sure to check the level of the statistics course to make sure that his algebra 2 is sufficient as a prerequisite.

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Adding to what regentrude said:


If he's going to do dual enrollment in the spring, I'd make sure to incorporate some algebra review during the fall, probably once a week. If he's had the summer and fall to forget his algebra, this may make the dual enrollment class quite difficult.

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My daughter did both Pre-calculus (11th grade) and Statistics (AP level in 12th grade). She is currently majoring in Classics/Latin and minoring in Geology at college.


I (not she) have been vaguely regretful that she did not take Calculus as she has had to forgo taking several Geology classes which have a Calculus prerequisite; however, she has commented several times that she has been grateful for having taken Statistics as that knowledge has been useful.


I would make the Pre-calculus versus Statistics decision based upon what future direction you believe your son will take.




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Good thoughts. Thank you.


Another option: he could do Pre Calc in the fall at CC maybe?


Still another: I have a Trig book on my shelf. He could do a half credit of Trig at home in the fall and then choose a math for dual enrollment in the spring.


We are not sure of his major at this point. He is mainly interested in joining the service after one year of CC. Not sure which service either.


He does not have a preference. That would make the decision much easier. He does need another math on his high school transcript.


Thanks again,


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