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Comfortis for fleas

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Ugh. That's my concern. Guess I"ll stop for some white rice on my way home-- I think i'm out.


We have a friend who is a retired vet. He maintains that the explosion in fleas, ticks and bedbugs is a result of the banning of so many pesticides over the years, such as DDT. Intereting.



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Just 2 weeks ago my sister, who researches eveything to the nth degree, told me about Mosquito Guard. Her dh uses it on their Michigan property and it keeps pests away. They apply once a month. We are heavy with fleas and such here in the south. We would need to apply about every 3 weeks.


It is natural to humans, pets and vegetation. It's base is super garlic and pests don't like it. It works against fleas, mosquitos and other pests.


Reseach it. Amazon sells it. We are going to be getting some and apply it ourselves.




PS....Also, I learned years ago that Avon's SSS (Skin So Soft) is a repellant (to a point) against fleas. This worked more on our first lab when she was alive. We've put it on our lab now, but it doesn't seem to work as well. It does a little bit and you need to reapply once a week which is a hassle.


We are using Advantix on a cat and alternating b/t Vectra ($$$$) and Frontline Plus for our lab. The Vectra works well. Ironically, the Advantix works the best. I haven't seen any fleas in the cat since we started using it on her.

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If I remember, pretty large.


Either way, what we do for our smaller dogs is buy a pill for a bigger dog then split it in quarters. I then buy a whole one for my bigger dog. It costs me about $35/month to do all 5 dogs that way.


Two of them are 130 lbs, one is a 30 lb. Corgi. It's not sold in single pills, but rather six month packs-- six chewables. I bought one six pack for the big dogs to share for three months and one six pack for the Corgi. $165.00 EGADS. Do NOT tell me it costs Lilly that much to make it. Actually, my vet's price was better than any price I found online. Still I almost platzed.


Ah well-- everyone's been dosed, and so far no upset tummies, at least among the pack. I'm hoping the fleas are feeling weak in the knees...



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Comfortis is AWESOME. (Even better is Trifexis which combines it with heartworm/intestinal parastite control.)


Pesticide-free, no residue for people or other pets to rub up against, maximium effectiveness, one pill, can't wash off . . . wow, it is awesome. Truly.


To avoid stomach upset and maximize effectiveness, you must give the pill with / immediately after some food. Vomiting up the pill isn't terribly uncommon, but the manufacturer guarantees the doses, so if your dog vomits it up, call the vet and depending on how quickly it happened, you may need to give a new dose, in which case your vet can provide you with a free replacement dose courtesy of the manufacturer.


FWIW, the vast majority of dogs do not get stomach upset if given the med with food (as it directs on the packaging), but the few dogs who persist in vomiting can usually be fixed up by giving a pepcid prior to the pill. Ask your vet about this -- and get proper dosage info -- if stomach upset is a persistent problem even with proper dosing (ie, even when you dose with food.)



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