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Tell me about Ft. Worth Museum of Science and History

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Is it worth the price? We went to the Dallas Aquarium a couple of years ago and were sorely disappointed after we paid the price for our entire family to get in and then we were done in two hours. For the price, we had hoped it would be the main event for the day.


This museum is more expensive, but I am hoping it will take up most of the day.

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We were just there for 2 hours while my mom was having tests done. We barely scratched the surface. It is very interactive so there is tons to do.


My dd is 12 and enjoyed it, but we have been many times. She still wanted more time. If you have never been, you can spend hours there, especially if the children are elementary school age.




Oh, it may be cheaper to do the family pass and get free admission for the year. This is good at several museums around the country. (But not the Dallas museum if you get the Fort Worth pass)

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We keep a membership to the FW science museum so we can drop in whenever we feel like it or are in the area.


If you are familiar with something like the St. Louis science center, you will be sorely disappointed - it is no where near that caliber.


But it is a nice interactive museum and I think you could make most of a day of it. That said, I am not impressed with their current Grossology exhibit.


Check out the price of an annual membership, as I think it gets you into the Cowgirl museum next door.

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