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an inexpensive start in Robotics for lower elementary


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We've messed around with kTurtle (because it is free) and that's about it. Please share with me your favorite resources for young kids that are just starting out in Robotics, that don't require the purchase of an expensive lego robot.

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I have a question though. Could you go bare bones with just buying the Lego motors and USB hub? At least, for a start?


What do you guys think? Is it possible to use the motors without having the kit?


Definitely possible and engineering based, but somewhat limited because there is no programming. Ds has a lot of fun with the motors building vehicles, but eventually most kids just want to do more. The hub won't work without the WeDo software pack and the WeDo software itself is really too basic to be interesting for long.


I sadly :lol: when I read the title, because nothing about robotics is cheap. The best bet is to see if you can find a club or classes to join where they already have the parts. We tried robotics out that way to make sure ds was really interested before we invested. The parts themselves are just expensive. There is a reason there are virtually no independent FLL teams and nearly all are sponsored by school PTAs or private schools. Even our club has had to cultivate corporate sponsors to get their equipment.

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