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Lefties and Mirror image writing


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dd4 is doing very very well withh letter formation and recognition. She often asks how to spell something and if I dictate the letters can write the word. The problem I am having is she always starts at the left side of the page and works her way to the right. We use HWOT so she knows she is supposed to start at teh smily face. I remind her each time to start on the right side, she can point to it and say start here and then actually writes left to right. Today she was writing out the names of family members and the pet's names. After I dictated all the letters and word was complete she would hold it up. By looking in the rear view mirror I could read each word perfectly.


I am sure her difficulty is due to being a lefty. SO is there anything more I can be doing to help her remember to always start on the right? When we do copywork she is usually okay because she writes directly below each letter, but to just write on a blank page she can't seem to remember. I don't want to discourage her writing by nagging everytime she is writing just for fun, and let's face it at 4, 98% of the time it is just for fun.


Is this something that she will eventually outgrow if I just keep giving casual reminders and during schooltime insisting on right to left? Or should I be doing something more deliberate to help this?

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My dd(6) is also a leftie, and from her earliest doodling (squiggly lines to look like grown-up writing on the page) until now she has had right-to-left tendencies. She wrote her name in mirror image for the first year, and even now on the odd occasion will realize that she started on the right. We also use HWOT (LOVE!) for Printing and Cursive. I don't know if the program is responsible for the change or if the transition would have happened naturally, but she has become very comfortable with writing with few reversals (b/d and the number 3 still trouble her). Learning to read has been much more challenging for her than I remember it being for my ds. She has just gotten comfortable in chapter books (YAY!), but even now if she hurries I can hear her miss a word by reading the final or middle sounds before the beginning sounds. I don't know if that is a sign of an official learning disability, but I have wondered if it was harder because of the left-handedness. Anxious to hear from those with older lefties or more education... :001_smile:

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