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Has anyone matched up Sonlight Core B and SOTW?


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I'm going to do Sonlight Core B and have SOTW audio as extra, using mostly SOTW AG activities to add that "hands-on" element.



I found an AMAAAZING blog by someone who has done this exact thing, and she was even nice of enough to blog each week, list the Sonlight Week and SOTW chapters.


I had previously found a list that correlated CHOW (which Core B uses at some point) with SOTW.


I noticed on her blog though that, she skips some SOTW chapters as she lines them up with Sonlight weeks. No explanation as to why. She also doesn't mention CHOW at all....sooo just wondering about that. Also she doesn't start SOTW until Week 7 of Core B...does that sound about right?


Anyone else done this and perhaps even has a list or blog for reference?

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