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Anyone know if United Streaming is free in Va?

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Ms Laurie got hers free :tongue_smilie:, but here in Suffolk the man in charge wouldn't even return my call. The lady on the phone was rude as heck and so no, I was unable to get them to give me access.


I called the library/media person in charge b/c here that is who gives the teachers their access passwords. I got pretty far in just calling the main school office and asking about how to access US and it wasn't until I reached the man in charge that his secretary got rude and obviously never gave my message or the man refused to call me back being not a teacher in the system and all. :glare:



Your other option is to have a teacher friend perhaps share their access password?



hope you get someone nice :-)

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I'm near Richmond, and I find the school system very un-homeschool friendly. They are pretty much of the opinion that we don't want them, and they don't want us. My dd went through a stage where she wanted to do cheerleading a few years ago (Thank God she outgrew that!) and I felt I had to look into it--I tried for weeks to find out about it, and the school would never tell me anything--they kept giving me a run around, until they finally told me it was past the deadline to sign up. Anything else I have asked has been pretty much the same. : (

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well I called the main media person for our city. and that didn't work.


i would start first with the school near you. maybe the local librarian will bestow kindness on you. my local school told me to call the main library guy.


it's frustrating to me since we pay taxes. and having access wouldn't take anything from them.

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Thanks so much.

I called the Public school and the main school office here in Chesapeake and got a great big fat "NO, we don't serve your kind" for a response. I do have a call to the VA state reps from United Streaming and will see what they say if they call back. If not I may just have to bite the bullet and buy it from HS buyers co-op.


Oh well it was worth a shot.

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