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printing without a printer

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I know that sounds weird. I'll explain.


My laser printer no longer wants to cooperate. Between what I've created and what I've downloaded, I could homeschool for the cost of paper and toner for several years. I even have two or three reams of paper stockpiled.


I have zero disposable income. What I make from selling jewelry goes for diapers.


Any ideas???

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Two ideas:


Could your DH take the stuff to work to print on your own paper?




Watch the Staples, etc back to school ads - With coupon and rebates you should be able to get a decent one pretty cheap. I got a $150 comb binder for about $35 after all was said and done.


Watch www.slickdeals.net for the best discounts - by the time things get to the front page they are often sold out - so keep your eyes on the hot deals page or do a search for "printer" every day.

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ask around. I got a fully functional laser printer for free from a woman in my mom's group. She wanted something smaller and newer and gave this one away. The one we had before that was given to my DH from his work when they upgraded. The front panel would fall off if you bumped it, but otherwise it worked fine. My sister tried to give me one a year ago when they got a new one. Seriously...check freecycle, check craigslist, and ask around. If you are in a homeschool group or mom's group post a message asking if anyone has one sitting around they are willing to give away.

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Maybe it would be a good time to consider if some of that material could go "paperless" and be done on the computer instead.


I'm using a 12 year old HP black and white laserjet print. It's a workhorse and far cheaper than the inkjets to operate. I saw one at a thrift shop not long ago.

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Some ideas --


-- have your DH take to work and print for you (save to thumb drive, disc, email it to him, whatever)

--ask at your library if you can bring it to print there, or at a copy shop (again, save to thumb drive, etc...) Ask if they'll discount your copies/print fee if you bring your own paper to use.

--have your kids read the stuff from the computer screen but write their answers/do their work on the paper you've stockpiled, at least until you find a solution with the printer

--spread the word in your homeschool group, community, etc., &/or watch freecycle & craigslist for printers

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