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Thanks to all for the wedding planning advice. 4-H is calling me away.

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Three days away from projects being checked in at the fair...I have two large display booths that must be decorated by this evening - we have the sciences division so we go all out with astronomy fabrics, black lights, glow in the dark stars, remote control airplanes and rockets hanging from the ceiling, etc. and in my new area, I've got a forest cave thing going that I need to get assembled.


When I get home, I have to help ds cut the mylar for his remote control blimp, help him iron the seams so there are no air leaks, and fill it with helium which I have to pick up in an hour.


So, I guess I better get motivated to go decorate a barn that has been closed up in 90+ degree weather for weeks. :tongue_smilie:


Don't have any really racy, zany, explosive threads while I'm gone! Keep it boring people. I hate it when I miss out on something really good!!!!! :D


Tell SpyCar to behave because I truly hate it when I miss a Bill thread. :biggrinjester:



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I hope your county appreciates what an awesome leader they have. :thumbup: We could really use more science folks here.


We have a bunch of really good horse and livestock programs. We also have a aquatics group (ocean studies, fisheries, kayaking).


There used to be an active Legislature group but my dd18 is unfortunately the last kid in this county to be involved in Mock Legislature I am afraid that group will fold next year.


4H offers soooo much and the price is soooo low, but for some reason people just dont hear much about it around here. :confused:

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