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Is this too much for my 6th grader?

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This feels like such a hard year as far as planning goes. Please review our plans for this year and let me know if it is too much. I really don't want to overload DS but want to take things up a notch from what we have been doing. Here is what we are using.


Bible- R&S 6 3x/wk and Bob Schulz books 2x/wk

Math- Teaching Textbooks 6- 4x/wk- 45 min/day and math games on Friday

Logic- Dr. Funster's Think a Minutes, Mind Benders and Logic Liftoff- 3x/wl- 15 min/day

Handwriting- Pentime 6 2x/wk (will be done when he finishes this bk)

Grammar- R&S 5 3x/wk- 30-45 min/day

Vocab- Caesar's English 2x/wk ( no idea how long each day as this is our first time with this curriculum)

Spelling- R&S Spelling 6 2x/wk- 30 min/day

Typing- Typing Instructor for Kids-3 x/wk- 30 min/day (until he is comfortably typing enough to type assignments on computer)

Latin- Latina Christiana 1- 4x/wk- 20-45 min/day

Assigned Reading- 5x/wk- 30 min/day

History- History Odyssey 2 Middle Ages 3 x/wk- 1-1.5 hrs/day

Science- Elemental Science Biology- 2x/wk- 1-1.5 hrs/day


We are outsourcing art class 1/wk and he takes guitar lessons. We are also in a co op that meets 2x/month where he will be participating in a book club and doing some very hands on science stuff. It's more social and fun than academic, but he is learning some important skills. Typing this all out I feel like it is a ton of work, but I'm not sure what I would cut if anything. It works out to be about 6 hours per day 4 x/wk and 4 hours on Friday. I had planned to have him do free reading outside of school time as well, but with the book club and the literature we will be working on for the year, I wonder if I can eliminate that. He loves to read and devours books rather quickly though. Is all of this too much? Thoughts please:001_smile:

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I am just getting ready to start, so I don't know how much my opinion will mean, but my DD is starting 7th and this looks similar to what we will do (as far as subjects and time allotted). I think her schedule will work out to about 6 hours per day as well, with one lighter day when she goes to co-op. So I think it looks good :-)

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Do you use the writing component in R&S as your composition instruction?


If you do, I suggest you be flexible about writing assignments. History Odyssey can have some long writing assignments (If I am remembering correctly) and the two together can be quite a bit in one week. I use R&S for grammar, but not the writing component so I don't really pay attention to it. I don't have a good feel if the writing assignments take 10 mins or two days. Conversely, You might want to skip a writing assignment in HO if what you are doing in R&S feels sufficient for the day/week.


It looks great. I felt the same way last year when I was planning 6th grade. What my son was capable of at the beginning of the year was different (less) than what he was capable of at the end. So, maybe start on the slower side and pick things up as you go along?

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Not too much, but it is essential to continue emphasis on summary, outlining, composition, etc. Remedia Publications has a ton of workbooks that you copy or write inside to fill some of the gaps, but I would look at composition or writing programs. I do like the outlining in R&S, but I aways go for more. Actually, this year we are not using R&S. Dd needs some strong POS and diagramming instruction for sentence development (remember that this is my mathy kid and not a writer).


So, I vote to add more! LOL :D

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We won't be using the writing in R&S. Actually, I forgot to put something in the list above. I was planning to use WWS for the writing component. Between History Odyssey and the science curriculum, there are a lot of writing assignments. However, I feel like he will need some instruction in outlining and summarizing in order to be successful in those subjects, hence my decision to go with WWS. I looked at WWE4 but I thought he would get bored with it pretty quickly, so I opted for the more challenging level instead. I'll have to keep a close eye on things to make sure he's not getting bogged down in too much writing.

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