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Postpartum Freezer Meal Ideas

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So- I'm finally getting around to some baby planning (it's been a crazy pregnancy!) I"m 32 weeks and change, so I need to get moving. This is really important to me this time around because DH just started a job after an extended period of unemployment and won't be able to take time to help after #6 arrives, and I'm supposed to start working p/t 10-20 hours as online adjunct faculty 6 days after my EDD! Add in homeschooling and family that can only come help for a week or 10 days and I am panicking! :blink:


Help this mama out by throwing your favorite freezer and pantry meals at me so I can stock my freezer and pantry with quick, nutritious meals! I've got a few ideas but would love input.

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ooh, I need to bookmark this list....I'm 32 weeks tomorrow (ack!) and my husband also just started a new job, and I won't have family here. (sister is having a repeat c-section 2 days before my due date, and will need my mom's help more than I will).

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We enlisted our kiddos to make the freezer meals a week or so before they were needed. They all enjoyed being part of the process & were quite proud of their accomplishments. Each meal was labeled with the "chef" & his instructions for cooking it! This turned a time consuming endeavor into a fun family project....it also helped with the excitement buzzing throughout the household!!;)

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I'd take advantage of grilling season if you can and grill a large number of chicken breasts. Slice up and flash freeze (freeze on a cookie sheet for an hour or so til firm, then take off the sheet and put in containers. That way you can pull out just the #of pieces you want instead of a huge frozen hunk). You could easily serve that over salad greens, in a burrito, as fajitas, in a wrap, or in a quick quesadilla.



Meatballs-flash freeze and you can serve on a roll as a sandwich or with pasta or just a vegetable side dish

Several packs of ground beef-you could freeze some with taco seasoning, some with spaghetti sauce or just Italian seasoning, etc.


quickbreads (flash freeze in slices if you want and then you can just pull out just a slice or two at a time instead of a whole loaf)


waffles, pancakes

crustless quiche muffins

soup-easy to make a huge pot and freeze

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