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College and Career Choice Updates

Hunter's Moon

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Hello, everyone! I haven't posted for awhile. I feel like I don't belong on the boards anymore since I'm no longer self-educating, but I just wanted to post an update on college and my career choices since I got so much help here when I was struggling.


I graduated 12th grade in November and began CC full-time in January. I was accepted into the Medical Assisting program for the Fall, so will begin that in September. There is a Certificate and an Associate's degree. Originally I planned to go for the Associate's, but I may just go for the Certificate and transfer to a 4-year college for a career I had wanted to do, Occupational Therapy.


I began attending a 12-step support group (A l - A n o n) and in the past 6 months it has really helped my confidence grow and allowed me to learn to set boundaries. I posted awhile ago about being sad that I felt I couldn't pursue Occupational Therapy because my lack of confidence and how self-conscious I was. I've grown in confidence and in other areas, and I continue to grow daily. I'm excited for the changes ahead.


Thanks for all the support I received and I hope everyone is well :D


ETA: And just a bit more bragging. I got a 4.0 for the Spring Semester and have been invited to join the Honors Program and become a Student Ambassador. I am passing on the Student Ambassador opportunity for now, but am finishing up my Honors Program application tonight :)

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