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Student calendar/assignment book?

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I'm in the process of transitioning my 13 year old over to begin being in charge of his own planning. I have for a couple of years just used 8x10 planners that include a week view across two pages with hours. This is what I am going to teach him to use as well. Personally, I think it's important for kids to use a planner like this, at least for a while, so that they get in the habit of asking themselves how much time things require and blocking out the time for it. It's so easy for them to think that they can do x,y, and z, without thinking about WHEN they are going to do it. A planner with hours forces the question. You aren't just writing it on a day, you have to pick an hour to write it on as well. I also include time for prepping for things (like showers before special events or gathering supplies or getting the 2 year old in the car) and drive time on the calendar.


I bought a basic black cover Mean planner at Walmart for about $13.

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What does your student use to keep track of his own calendar and assignments?



My daughter has her own 4 year high school planner and I invested in the Well Planned Day software, so that I can keep track of my records better.


Maybe not so much planning/teaching plans, etc, because those are so bound to change as soon as pen leaves paper..... ( a little not quite 2 year old makes certain of that-his mission in life at this time):chillpill:


But, to keep track of assignments completed, as for now they are running a $40 special on it which will increase. But, it is pretty neat and I can access it from any computer anywhere!


So, if I am (wishing here) in New Mexico or New York, I can add on to it! :lol:


Anyway, I have always been a pen/paper person since that is the way I grew up-old school and back in the day. But, after numerous computer application classes I have found the computer to be very helpful.


The neat thing about the Well Planned Day software like I said it is kept on their computer servers and not yours, so it doesn't use up disc space and keeps it as a virtual record if a person needed legally-(hope that never happens!)


Hope it helps,and yes there is lesson planning on there, curriculum, subjects, calendar, shopping, etc. Pretty cool, really. Although, I have been tempted to nab up the Ultimate or a year's Well-Planned Day.....on Christian Book Distributors they are a couple of dollars off the main site, I noticed.


Good luck and happy planning,



PS Here is the link: http://www.homeschoolconvention.com/mywellplannedday.html

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