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Lit for first grade -- anyone schedule it out

momma aimee

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I hate re-inventing the wheel and am always happy :D to steal someone else' hard work 9and give credit, of course).


I am working on a schedule of Literature reading for my First Grader (and his little brother too) and wondered if anyone else already had something?


so far i am leaning on http://amblesideonline.org/01sch.shtml amberside -- since that is one of the places i gathered our reading list from to start with.


We'll have plenty of History reading, but i want to do more (fairy tales, Just So Stories) too --


anyone have on on-line they love, or anyone created one?

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I used Ambleside Online last year with my ds7. We loved it, we are using Year 2 this year. We are also using Memoria Press, but not for literature. I am using the MP lesson plans for Latin and reading and memory work and recitation. But Memoria Press does have great literature selections with student and teacher guides for each grade, and their selections are all found within the AO literature selections and free read lists, though some are read at different ages. I find that the schedules AO has are very challenging and rigorous, and my son has done well with it.

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