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Fifth grade Spanish or start Greek?

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I've been looking for a Spanish program for my going-into-5th grade DS to begin this September, but I'm just not finding one I think is right for him. I know I'm not the only one on this forum who wishes Memoria Press had a Spanish program similar to their Latin program.



I read a recent article in MP's catalog about modern languages and I'm almost convinced to hold off on Spanish and start Greek next year instead (along with continuing Latin). Having majored in Spanish as an undergrad, I just don't believe that one can become fluent in a modern language without in-home immersion, which isn't the case in my house. I am convinced, however, that his study of Latin will only continue to lay a significant foundation for Spanish, so I'm not concerned that he won't be able to read and write Spanish well by the time he goes off to college. God willing he'll be able to speak it passingly by then as well.


For me, the goal for Latin is to gain a better appreciation for the correct use of grammar, to increase his vocabulary, and to help lay a solid foundation for logical thought. The goal of Spanish, however, isn't to become fluent -- I just don't think it can be done in our household without greater resources, including travel; and greater commitment, including reading literature, listening to Spanish radio, and watching Spanish TV and movies. Rather, I would say, the goal is to inculcate an appreciation for a language spoken by so many in our country and, honestly, a general ability to speak pretty stilted and formally.


I know that it's easier to learn a foreign language when we're young, but I am starting to think there's an advantage to learning Greek over Spanish (vocabulary being the main advantage as I currently see it) and no real loss to waiting a few years to start Spanish.


What thinks the hive?

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:iagree: we have been studying Latin for three years and are adding Greek this fall. I do think it is really important to teach modern languages, although I agree that to be taught successfully, a student needs to have a lot of contact with a native speaker. I think the importance of Latin and Greek is to aid in grammar, vocab, and thinking skills, not to mention forming a connection to the past. In a few years when we are ready to begin a modern foreign language, I will try to find a tutor and/ or immersion program.

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My plan all along was to study Latin first and early add GK in middle school and German in high school. When it was time to add GK, my daughter begged and begged to go on to German instead and do GK in high school. I agreed. Academically, it's my greatest regret.


We're adding GK this year (8th) only b/c I want her studying it b/f high school. In 9th it will be her gk year in Great Books and . . . I don't know . . . I just really regret waiting.


If I had it to do over, I would definately add GK in middle b/f any modern lang.

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