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What are your favorite games for teaching logic to grammar stage?


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I think some of the best things we can do to help our children develop those complex brain pathways are:


seriously limit tv and other video images

lots of talking and discussing

lots of independent reading and read-aloud above the child's level.



You are probably already doing all of the above, but the book Endangered Minds, by Jane Healy really impacted me many years ago. To participate in difficult, higher-level thinking during the middle school years and beyond, we can do a lot to help develop those neurological pathways.




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I second reading "Endangered Minds." Healy talks about 'scaffolding' a child's thinking to assist him to reach for the next level of brain development that is just beyond reach.


We play chess and checkers, strategy games like Quarto, Blokus, Risk. We play a lot of math card games from Joan Cotter's RightStart Math Games book.


My older son is much, much better at strategy than either younger son or myself, so I have to encourage him to find friends to play against to find a challenge. :)

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