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Where to buy Prentice Hall Science Explorer books, CD-ROMS, workbooks??


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Clear and organized websites only, please. I'm about to lose my mind on Amazon.com trying to figure out which edition to buy and can't seem to find the Student Express CD-ROMS for every edition on there, either. The Prentice Hall website is not very intuitive and my patience is wearing thin on finding a textbook, workbook and corresponding CD. Any other resources for obtaining these books would be appreciated! :)


I'm looking for any of these: Science Explorer Earth Science, Life Science or Physical Science.


Thank you in advance!

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If it's any help, when I was buying my set of Prentice Hall books (I bought the entire series) out of curiosity, I bought a couple of different editions of the same book for a couple of different volumes, just to satisfy my curiosity.


The different editions-- even several years apart-- were virtually identical. The sections had merely been rearranged, but the the text had been unchanged. Occasionally a different lab experiment was added or subtracted, but 98% of the text was identical, and nothing of substance was added.


So, don't feel pressured to buy the newest and shiniest if it will help to save some money on an older edition in good condition on Amazon.


There are many labs built right into the textbooks, so I'm skipping the CD's myself. I do supplement with additional resources from elsewhere, so that probably isn't the help you were looking for, sorry :).

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Have you checked this website?



I just copied the ISBNs and then looked them up on half.com and amazon. I bought the 2009 textbooks and found the Guided Reading Workbooks there also. I also bought the Discovery Channel School DVD Library and the Lab Activity DVD Library for reasonable prices. I haven't heard anything about the Student Express CD-Rom, maybe I should check it out.


Hope this helps!



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