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What am I getting with this "Value of the Day"?

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Compared to the iPad this has less memory, but it does have a slot for SD cards, so that is an option, no camera (the iPad one is not great), no FaceTime (not a big deal if you do not use that, but it is fun), more chance of getting a virus, because the android app base is not secure like apple's iTunes (this is a concern for dh with his kindle), and of course you get what you pay for. I bought a $200 laptop last year for my kids to use to do their school work, and it is giving me grief every time I turn around.


If you are looking for something like the description says, check email, read a book, and surf the web, then this will likely work ok for a year or so. I cannot tell if you can sync it to your computer as a backup in case it dies, but you might check that out. It will likely not sync to other devices either since it will not have iCloud.


For what it is it is probably a decent deal, but I have not used one myself, so all I can say is that the iPad is much nicer than the kindle fire (dh has one of those), so this will be less than that. Checkout reviews, google reivews and the name of the device to find out what the usual bugs are and what reviwerslike about it. I would stick with 'professional' reviewers, because most people who bought it were expecting an iPad and got something less than that, so they are just mad, but it might be a good fit for you if it does what you need it to.

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