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Help with History & Science....

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What science? Physics, physical science or biology? Christian or secular?


What history? Ancients, some other place in a 4-yr cycle? World or American? Again secular or Christian?


You'll get better advice if you give us a little more to go on. If you don't know where to go, tell us about jr high and the students goals.

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christian based would be helpful :)


dd wants to be a stay at home mom that homeschools her kids. honestly, thats her goal at the moment.


history needs to be u.s., world and government (3 credits)


science only needs to be biology (although she likes astronomy) but needs 3 credits as well.



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Just some ideas that might meet your criteria.




CK12 Textbooks - these are free online textbooks.


Hippocampus offers free science and history courses correlated with major textbooks


Georgia Public Broadcasting Chemistry and Physics


Virtual Home School Group offers self-paced Apologia science courses for free - although you would need to buy the books.


PASS Curriculum for Sciences and Social Studies


Annenberg Learning - courses in Science and Social Studies



Curriculums focused on Independent Learning but not free:


DIVE Science DVDs

Red Wagon Tutorial DVDs - aligned with Apologia Science

Apologia Science

Science Shepard Life and Biological Sciences

Paradigm Accelerated - Science and History

ACE - Science and History

Notgrass - History

Lifepacs - Science and History

BJU - Science and History


The following offer detailed course plans with tests and answers for both Science and History using common textbooks: Kolbe, Oak Meadow, MODG.

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