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What are your favorite General Science supplements?

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We're doing Apologia's "General Science" (8th grade) and I'd like to compile a list of supplemental books, games, DVD's, websites, virtual field trips etc. to go along with each topic. Anything great that you've used or are planning to use? I need some ideas! :auto:


In case you're unfamiliar, the topics are:


History of Science

Scientific Inquiry

Analyzing & Interpreting Experiments

Science, Applied Science & Technology

Archaeology, Geology, Paleontology



Uniformitarianism & Catastrophism

What is life?


Human Body

Energy & Life

Digestive System

Respiratory & Circulatory Systems

Lymphatic, Endocrine & Urinary Systems

Nervous System

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Yes, Thank you !!! This will be so useful!

Dina :001_smile:


You're welcome!

Now if y'all see anything that I put on there that is wrong, please tell me. A lot of this, I just learned as I went! (esp. Biology!) My brain has its blond moments, so seriously, if you see something incorrect, I need to know.

Thanks. :)

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