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Which way is slipperier?

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My mother and I have the same argument every time I visit. She has an old tub that's really tall and has a slick bottom. She puts a washrag at the bottom of the tub to step in on so she won't slip. But I say that's MORE dangerous! Sure, your foot has plenty of friction with the rag, but underneath between the wet rag and the tub there's just as little friction as with your foot (if not LESS!) and you won't have much warning when you slip - less warning than when your actual foot slips.


My mother is young and in good shape, so it's not so much that I'm worried about her safety as I just think she's incorrect. :tongue_smilie:

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Mil uses one of those rubber mats. She just pulls it up after her shower so it can dry off. I think the towel on the tub floor could be a problem especially if she expects it won't slip. If she walked on it like it *might* slip she'd be ok but then why bother with it anyway? I say leave the towel in the closet.

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Oh my mother never slips apparently. But I do. It's a very deep tub to step into. We had those suction things when my kids were little but I always slipped the worst on those. The suction cups just suddenly lose their suction or something. I actually think the only safe thing is a bar. I just think a wet washcloth is not really helpful at all.

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