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Pictures of my kiddos

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So my three are being adopted (by me, of course!) so I want to do pictures. I need an idea or two....


First, we have their adoption clothing. SO that will be easy. They can get individual and group pics in those easily.


Second....in December, my parents took them to build-a-bear. At the time, I thought it would be cute to get them similar outfits and do pics. Similar outfits: check :) So that was going to be my second outfit of choice for each.


I thought of something "plain?" My friend who is doing the pics has farm animals. Just a t-shirt and jeans? or polo and jeans?


And though I think that is PLENTY, I do think I should see about getting some pics of all of us or at least all of the kids done also. Obviously, my big kids have adoption clothing also. And we do plain just fine :)


I just need some ideas. My friend asked me to send her pics of the clothing and "bears" so she can be thinking on her part. But I would like to consider at least one more outfit.


What would you do?

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I find that more then one outfit change when having pictures taken is way too much. That being said jeans and basic color coordinating shirts always looks good. I prefer going for bold colors since I think it looks better then white, which often looks a bit washed out.

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Thanks. Since a friend is doing it, it'll probably be a little easier for us to do changes. But I have considered just doing the two outfits. I might see what my friend would suggest otherwise.


We recently did wildflower pics. Absolutely beautiful. So it isn't like these are once ever pics. I mean, obviously we won't do THESE pics again, but....we take a lot of pics and we don't have to hit every clothing option in one day. LOL

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So it sounds like you have 3 outfits planned already? Adoption day, coordinating bear outfits, and then the jeans with a basic top? If so I'd leave it at that.


If you want anything more mix in accessories. Rain boots, umbrellas, hats, chalkboard signs.... I don't know what ages your kiddos are so not sure what is and isn't appropriate. But little accessories can add a lot of dynamic.


All my favorite photos have always been simple outfits. Khakis or Jeans with whatever simple top. I like mixing colors or keeping them the same. I like all white tops as well as all blacks. I like shades. I like tossing in a couple prints if you are gifted at merging the prints.


I have 2 favorite photos of my crew. One has them all in shades of khaki and off white. I LOVE those. I used texture and different styles to keep it interesting. The other they are all in jeans with black tops.


Sigh, I really need new photos! You have my wheels turning now!

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We did some family pictures a couple of years ago that included my family and my sister's family. We all wore OU shirts. They turned out really good. So that would be my suggestion if you guys have a favorite sports team. I realize not everyone is sports nuts like us though. :)

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