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2nd Grade Schedule

Ruby Rose

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Ok, I'm working on this years schedule and I feel like I'm missing something. help me double check.


Bible Study - 5x week using Bible and lessons from Sabbath School and Gracelink apps

FLL2 - 3x week

WWE1 - 2 lesson a day 2x week

AAS - 5x week

Handwriting - Copywork + D'Nealean Cursive

MATH Mammoth - 5x week

Mr Q Science - 2x week

Elemental History 2x week + appropriate read alouds

Geography - 1 x week US, oceans, continents, map skills, etc

Art 2-3x week

Ballet and Jazz 1 day 2 hrs week

Co-op class TBA 1 x week

Independant reading


Edited: See, I knew putting it all out there would help me fill in the gaps. I forgot Bible and Handwriting. :)

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After much internal angst, I've decided on this for next year (young/summer bday 2nd grader):


NOEO Bio 1 M/Tues

SOTW with CHOLL - Thurs/Fri


Memoria Press Prima Latina, spelling words, cursive, Singapore 2a/2b with Rod and Staff 2, copy work and poetry as scheduled in the plans.


Christopherus L/A units Saints and Heroes and Trickster Tales. Christopherus handcrafts, form drawing, and modeling and nature study.


Suzuki piano 1x per week, swimming lessons, American Heritage Girls.


Your plan looks great! Just listing mine out for comparison purposes.

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Here is our tentative plan-


Language Arts-

*Phonics via WRTR daily

*reading aloud to me, 3x for 10-15 minutes daily

*handwriting daily

*ETC daily

*AAS 3x week

*FLL 3x week

*WWE1 3x week



*Miquon daily

*Ray's or word problems 3x week

*MEP 2x week

*living math books and games 1x week



*SOTW 3x week (read student book, listen to cd, narration and copywork, timeline, extra literature, and activity)



*BFSU 1x week

*nature study at farm and lake 3x week



*Telling God's Story 3x week (read student book, verse copywork, activity)




I'd LOVE to also do art and composer study, however, we are still doing Vision and Occupational therapy daily, which takes up some time, plus I'm adding in my dd2 for K AND we are dealing with a crazy toddler lol. Oh, and we are moving to another state. Sigh. It's gonna be a wild ride!

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