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TOG users and multiple foreign languages

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I wonder how may of you veteran TOG users also teach/learn multiple foreign languages. I just started using TOG for the trial run in the summer. It is more prep time than my old SOTW with library for suplementary reading plus Sonlight Read alouds and readers but not necessarily more work in other regards for my dc.

I am interested in adding a fourth foreign language (elementary Greek, maybe, or French) and I wonder how you do both ToG and several languages because each of the two takes lots of time. I need to know there are people doing this. Thanks!

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My oldest is studying 3 or 4 languages and using TOG. We ended up moving him to the rhetoric textbook, Speilvogel, for his European readings. I also correlated my dh's old American History college textbook for the American history. Ds is then required to answer the accountability questions (sometimes it takes some research) in order to be ready for the discussion. It worked well last year, so we'll continue with the plan for the coming year. Ds prefers the textbook to the core/indepth books, and I'm happy as long as he's ready for the weekly discussion. :001_smile:


We're skipping the electives this year: government, church history, fine arts, etc. We will be hitting the rhetoric literature full tilt. That's where I want to put the emphasis because his life revolves around literature. He's constantly either writing or reading, :lol:. We will also be using the TOG writing assignments.



TOG history using Textbooks, accountability questions, map, discussions, & TOG writing assignments

TOG rhetoric literature as written

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He's studying Latin, Greek, German, and I think Egyptian hieroglyphics. He loves languages. I noticed your oldest is 9. My 9yo loves SOTW, so he's been primarily reading SOTW and the History of US by Hakim. I try to pick up other books from the library, but just those 2 books have him happily joining in the dialectic discussion. He can't answer the more complicated questions but he's easily able to answer the who did this, who did that type questions. :001_smile:


We started last year with a borrowed classic year 2. I loved it and switched to the redesign after Christmas. It did take us almost the full year to really get into the swing of using TOG. We experimented with organizational methods, using texts versus core/indepth books, how to assign the work, what to assign, workbooks versus binders, lol. Despite the experimentation, we had a really good year for history, literature, and writing. :D

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