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Help with Dancing Bears

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I am considering using the Dancing Bears program for DD who is 7. She was just recently diagnosed with PDD-NOS(with feature's of Asperger's), Cognitive Disorder NOS (with Working Memory Difficulties), ADHD(combined type), Expressive Language Disorder, and Childhood Anxiety Disorder. She also has speech articulation problems. I am deciding between Bearing Away and Bear Necessities. If I go with Bearing Away, do I really need to purchase the starter pack that includes the multi-sensory tiles or can I just get away with the workbook? Also, are the workbooks all you need for this program or do I need to purchase other items to go with it?



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I have not used this program, but I think that if your daughter is at a level of working on phonemic awareness or word building or word chains (or whatever thing like that), that letter tiles were extremely helpful and necessary for my son.


But -- I don't think you would have to buy their certain set.


There might be something about them though -- they might have certain letters use different colors or have a lot of different vowel teams and digraphs (or whatever they are called -- ai, ea, ie, sh, ch, qu etc). If that is the case -- it might matter.


I dont know if there is a yahoo group or if you might be able to find out from contacting the publisher?


But if she is having issues with phonemic awareness, knowing how to blend, things like that, I would say to do the letter tiles.

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