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Do I need the teacher's guide for Daily Grams?


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I am not sure if there are different Daily Grams out there.


I have the "Guided review aiding mastery skills."


Mine is blue/silver, grade 3.


180 daily reviews...blah...blah..blah. LOL.


If it's that one, then no. It's just a simple brain warm up. It also has the asnwers in the back, though you probably won't need them.

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The answers are for convenience. I don't buy them, personally. A couple of times, I've had questions like, "Now does that get underlined or put in quotations," so I just look it up online.


Now, I have two kids to buy for each year, so I don't really want to spend the extra $20. I also actually like looking through their work. I brush up on my grammar skills and really get to pay attention to what they are doing.


I admit, I did consider getting the answer keys because of ease only, but I declined. I just don't see it worth nearly double the price.

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